What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Tuesday Edition

Get lost in our MoOM, The Museum of Online Museums.

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JC at Creative Mornings

Here's Jim's presentation from the inaugural edition of Chicago Creative Mornings. Thanks to Tina, Mig, Gravity Tank and everyone who showed up.

The Latest from Field Notes

Home Improvement

Our 27th seasonal Field Notes release is a set of six books, boxed in a sturdy 60-pt custom slipcase with a sheet of crack-and-peel decals. Each of the books focuses on one DIY discipline — Wood Working, Automotive, Gardening, Painting, Plumbing, and Electrical — with tips, reference materials and the usual Field Notes wise-cracking. It's called The Workshop Companion, it's a limited-edition and we just talked to your Dad. He wants one.

Stuff About Stanley Kubrick

I am putting myself to
the fullest possible use which is all, I think, that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

As you probably have noticed over the last fifteen years, we're a bit of obsessed with the films of Stanley Kubrick. Check this sweet collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the set of 2001 and find tons more stuff in our big, messy archive of Kubrickian links.

New at the MoOM

Department of Collections

There's something for everyone in our Museum of Online Museums. For example, the Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices, featured above. Like most cultural institutions, The MoOM needs the support of the community to survive. Well, not really, since we don't have a building or a staff or even those cheap little round colored badges that you hook on your collar when you attend... We do however have a new version of The MoOM Mug, which is available exclusively to benefactors.

2015 Tournament of Books

Something to
Crow About

The 2015 edition of The Morning News Tournament of Books has concluded. We're happy to say our Field Notes Brand sponsored this literarypalooza. Congratulations to the winner and all the participants. From TMN: "In case you're new to all this, the ToB is an annual springtime event where a group of the best works of fiction from last year enter a March Madness-style battle royale. These novels are seeded and paired off in an NCAA Tournament-like bracket. For each pairing, one of our esteemed judges will read both novels and advance one, with a transparent explanation of how they made their decision."

Layer Tennis Season Recap

Gone in 60 Seconds

In December we concluded our post-season Season 4 Layer Tennis tournament with the Championship Match in which Kelli Anderson squeaked by James White to take the crown. Now our short, frenetic season recap video has been posted. Layer Tennis only happens thanks to our pals at Adobe Creative Cloud.

Field Notes Brand Books

Clemente’s Bat

“My first memory is of my father carrying a hammer into our bedrooms and smashing open our piggy banks on the night Roberto died.”

Forty-two seasons ago, Roberto Clemente slashed a double into left-center field, recording his 3000th regular season career hit. That hit would turn out to be his last. The bat he used is the central object in Kevin Guilfoile's book, A Drive into the Gap, the first title from the publishing imprint of our Field Notes Brand. The book has garnered great reviews and is a story about baseball and memory, and fathers and sons. See a film, read an excerpt and buy a copy of A Drive into the Gap here.

We're Going On an Adventure

Winter’s Tale

"One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen." —Rene Daumal. Why did we do it? Because it is there. Or was anyhow. Presenting Above the Sun, a true story.

Hold Life in Your Hands

The Write Stuff

We commissioned a short film by writer/director Matthew James Thompson to say thanks for all the support for Field Notes, from Coudal Partners and the Draplin Design Co..

Anti Time Lapse

The Stars and
Their Courses

In conjunction with the 2013 summer release of the Field Notes "Night Sky" Limited-Edtion memo books (sold out long ago) we made a short movie... and a really, really, really long one.

The idea was fairly simple, though complex in the making: for those of us in big metropolitan, light-polluted areas like Chicago who can't see the night sky very clearly, we wanted to travel to this section of rural Nevada and bring the stars back with us, capturing a full night sky and playing it back in real time. Check all six hours and 20 minutes of The Stars and Their Courses, and here's some background and technical information too.

Smooth Out That Bill

Change Below

Thanks to our pal (and former CP intern) Darren Marshall of Doejo. Darren was planning the opening of a sweet new co-working facility in Chicago called Space and he had an idea. An idea and a vending machine. Bam.

Guest Editors

Helpful and
Mostly Polite

A list of all the brilliant people who have helped us by guest editing Fresh Signals can be found here.

Other recent features are listed on Page Two.

Fresh Signals

I finally broke down and bought Numero Group's awesome Wayfaring Strangers, 2xLP collection of obscure '70s Dungeons and Dragons rock, so of course now they're reissuing it as a playable board game: Cities of Darkscorch. Man. bb-today

"Massimo Vignelli asked if we could make a watch without hour and minute hands." bb-today

'Playing ping pong everyday is sort of like solving a crossword puzzle: the further you take it, the better you feel'. -Will Shortz, Editor of the New York Times Crossword Puzzle and Table Tennis Fanatic. ms-today

Adorable, Sticky Page Markers. ms-today

A turtle's eye view of the Great Barrier Reef. ms-today

Long read of the day, A Long Walk's End. ms-today

The Milky Way from a Malibu Sea Cave. ms-today

M-80s have been illegal since 1966, so i'm not sure what the dummies down the block are setting off every 20 minutes all night, all week, around the 4th of July. bb-yesterday

Here's pretty much what you missed in Chicago this weekend. bb-yesterday

Look at the restoration process for Charles Le Brun's Everhard Jabach and Family, ca. 1660. Stunning. ms-yesterday

From photographer Nick Cobb, a series of photos of a deteriorating Peckham multi-storey car park and cinema ms-yesterday

What fun is that? ms-yesterday

"I am applying for your social media specialist position. Though I am a recent graduate with an entirely irrelevant degree in Ancient Latvian Pastel Art Interpretation Through Lithuanian Chamber Music and Hungarian Novelists, I believe my extensive experience in social media maintenance as publicist for the Patriots College Star Wars Club has more than prepared me for the rigors of this position." ms-yesterday

An annual tradition, Morning Edition celebrates the 4th of July with the reading of the Declaration of Independence . ms-07.03

If Mexicans celebrated the 4th Of July like Americans celebrate Cinco De Mayo bb-07.02

Panic's Cabel Sasser hasn't released his 2015 fireworks roundup yet, but here's last year's, with links to the rest. Also, from the MoOM archives: Mike McHenry's firecracker collection. Boom! bb-07.02

Know your terminology and types of aerial shells before heading out to the display this weekend. And do me a huge personal favor and don't ask "IS THIS THE GRAND FINALE?" every thirty seconds, just shut up and enjoy it. bb-07.02

It's finally starting to feel like (wet, hot, american) summer, you guys. bb-07.02

Venus, Jupiter, and Noctilucent Clouds . ms-07.02

In honor of our first President, George Washington by Brad Neely. NSFW and NCHA (not completely historically accurate). mcj-07.02

The 2015 Audubon Photography Awards. ms-07.01

Check out this great modern treehouse. ms-07.01

The real question is why some of these guys are showing up in ski outfits. That's some confidence. A spot from the 1960s for Milton Bradley's Mystery Date. sd-06.30

Summer in the City. Waving at ya from the red brick building in the top right corner at 2:24. ms-06.30

So you know, a sushi chef reviews cheap sushi. ms-06.30

A new table for the conference room? dw-06.30

"In this film, Steven worked with Team O'Neill surfer and professional athlete Malia Manuel to capture a unique perspective on a single day's surf session in Western Australia. Utilising drones for the majority of the videography, Steven plays with perspective, taking the viewer into, above, and beyond the waves." Full screen is best. ms-06.30

Local note for Arizonans: here's the auction site with pieces from the recently-closed Bill Johnson's Big Apple restaurant. If I win the lottery today, I'm buying everything, life-sized fiberglass bulls and all. sd-06.30

I remember how horrible this was, the city was unbearable. Chicago Magazine takes a look at the 1995 Chicago heat wave. ms-06.30

Trailer for the film Ten Thousand Saints. ms-06.29

Nice mirror and wood installations by Lee Borthwick. Via This Isn't Happiness. dw-06.29

Trailer for the documentary Batkid Begins. dw-06.29

Lots more kinds of 2 Kinds of People have been added. Fab. jc-06.29

You know who has a really great movie poster collection? Marty Scorsese. Sullivan's Travels! jc-06.29

Planet Aurora. ms-06.27

"Past Perfect: I have cocktailed." F. Scott Fitzgerald Conjugates "to Cocktail". Thanks Andrew. jc-06.26

365 Days of Pixel Art. jc-06.26

"This night exposure blend panorama took many months to complete and has the highest level of detail I've produced yet. It is nearly 50,000 pixels long and stretches from East Solidarity Drive to Navy Pier. " —Joe Lekas jc-06.26

Time to check in with good ol' reliable John. He enjoyed a few beers last night at the Howling Hops Tank Bar in London. That's 13,194 pints since May of 1995, but who's counting? jc-06.26

Want to start a blog about beer? Have $5,000,000.00? ms-06.26

Page Two contains the previous 40 Fresh Signals, recent features, a key to the icons and the categorical archives.

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