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What's All This Then?

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Tuesday Edition

"First a note about substituting ingredients or tools. Don't."
Jim's receipe for the perfect martini.

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Field Notes Seasonal Editions


Live Layer Tennis Season 4

A Space Oddity

Friday's live Layer Tennis match between James White and Brian Taylor was, literally, out of this world. Check it and let us know who you think won. LYT happens thanks to our pals at Adobe Creative Cloud

An occasional series Face Time

Classic Display Faces That Deserve Props

Chauncey H. Griffith's Bodoni Poster Black was developed for Mergenthaler in 1929 and features strong verticals and shallow descenders. It's regularly employed for era-specific "Appearing Nightly at the Copacabana" lobby-card-ish announcements and by and large it's serviceable, if not particularly interesting. But, just in case you find yourself in need of a two skinny chicks whispering near the coke mirror, late 70's, Los Angeles sort of vibe, set it tight in all-caps with almost no line spacing. Suggested pairing: Univers Light Extra Condensed.

This Plus This Equals That

The Lionel, the Richie and the Wardrobe

This is the sort of thing that Twitter is especially good for, but a washroom full of chalkboard walls works too. A while ago we hosted a quick contest called Booking Bands in which we asked people to combine the name of a book with the name of a band. We received thousands of entries, posted a ton of them and then randomly selected three and sent those people the book and a CD from the band that they mashed together. The process of coming up with funny or unexpected associations in this contest became a central part of a presentation that JC gave at SXSW.

Free Vehicle ID System

In Lieu of Depicting Your Family as Ugly Stick-People on Your Rear Windshield

We have word that two readers in New York City, who followed our guidelines for updating their vehicle identification systems, pulled up alongside each other at a traffic light and celebrated their common bond by honking and pointing. Excellent. More recently, John Heslop's vintage Toyota HiAce is looking badass in Wales. Our plot is beginning to take hold. Write for yours free today, but hurry, we only have tens of thousands left. BTW, who has a green Mini Cooper with the Fleet sticker in Chicago?

New on The Deck

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Those people who have assumed that we built The Deck by simply throwing together an ad network from our personal list of favorite bookmarks will find further confirmation of their suspicions in today's announcement. We're happy to say that McSweeney's Internet Tendency has joined us.

If you have a product or service that could benefit by being in front of millions of smart, curious, mostly good-looking people, give us a shout. We're booking Q3 and Q4 schedules now.

One From Way Way Back

How Do You Spell Courage?

"How do you spell courage?" For the proper effect, check the trailer first and then please take a few minutes (eleven actually) to watch our short feature film about words, pictures and bravery, Copy Goes Here.

Stuff About Stanley Kubrick

I am putting myself to
the fullest possible use which is all, I think, that any conscious entity can ever hope to do

As you probably have noticed over the last fifteen years, we're a bit of obsessed with the films of Stanley Kubrick. Check this sweet collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the set of 2001 and find tons more stuff in our big, messy archive of Kubrickian links.

Origins of the Universe

It Came From
Outer Space,
and Other Places

Context vs. Brevity from Michael Heilemann of Kitbashed, who released his film on the origins of Star Wars recently. The two hour film is highly recommended. The painting above is by Ralph McQuarrie.

New in The MoOM

Ways of Seeing

There's something for everyone in the Spring Exhibitions at our Museum of Online Museums. Like most cultural institutions, The MoOM needs the support of the community to survive. Well, not really, since we don't have a building or a staff or even those cheap little round colored badges that you hook on your collar when you attend... We do however have a new version of The MoOM Mug, which is available exclusively to benefactors.

Spring Summer Fall Winter

To Every Season

Roughly every three months since January of 2009, we have introduced a seasonal release of Field Notes. With a couple exceptions these have all been limited-editions and have all sold out quickly. Thanks for that. You can see and read about them here and also in our Obsessive's Guide videos where we chat about the "making of" each release.

Each edition was made available to our Field Notes email list first and was offered in 3-Packs and by a year-long subscription, for those wanting to collect them all and to make sure they don't miss out on one. Subscribers frequently get extra and exclusive items with their shipments. While they last, you can start a subscription right now with our current release, The Arts & Sciences Edition. The Fall edition is on press now and is a radical departure from previous releases and if we can pull off what we have planned for winter, you are surely going to want to be a part of that too.

September Guest Jeremy J. Quinn


Jeremy J. Quinn (jq) is an architect with a multidisciplinary practice, JJQAD, which is based in Los Angeles and just celebrated its one-year anniversary. His work spans the fields of architecture, graphic design, installation art, set design and experimental music and often takes the form of collaborations with other creative people in many fields. His days are packed, exploring the wilderness surrounding LA, checking out the burgeoning LA art and design scenes and trying to get back some of his high school skateboarding skills. He can be found at @JeremyJQuinn and, more often on Tumblr, posting photos from his trusty Yashica medium format camera. For the month of September, he'll be right here with us, serving as our Guest Editor

A list of all the brilliant people who have helped us by guest editing Fresh Signals can be found here.

Other recent features are listed on Page Two.

Fresh Signals

J. Crew's Madewell brand and how it got that way. Hint: it has nothing to do with 1937. Via TMN. jc-yesterday

Hippo Po'Thames is cruising around London. dw-yesterday

Holy cow. Mars Orbiter Mission delivers on promise of global views of Mars. Thanks Andrew! ms-yesterday

"When I was a child I was told that clouds' shapes were created by expert balloon twister clowns who live in the sky, so that they can keep entertaining children. On my last trip to Mexico I remembered this and I started to photograph clouds on the road. The result is Shaping Clouds, a series of illustrations where I drew the first thing that came into my mind when I saw these clouds that I imagine someone made for me." dw-yesterday

"In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Coen brothers' debut, Blood Simple, I'm re-watching their 16 feature films and attempting to jot down observations on one per day, in order of their release." —Christopher Orr. jc-yesterday

Tons of great images and stories about fading painted signs can be found on Ghostsigns. jc-yesterday

"The Golden Era print honors the kings and queens of hip-hop who propelled the genre from humble beginnings in the block parties in New York to the global phenomenon we see today." dw-yesterday

Related to the last, Leaders is awesome. jc-yesterday

Academy Leader Variations, via John Coulthart. jc-yesterday

"Instantly familiar." Rob Walker on Jony Ive: The Supercut. jc-yesterday

"Yahoo was started nearly 20 years ago as a directory of websites that helped users explore the Internet." G'night Directory. jc-yesterday

"...all he ever wanted to be was the shortstop for the New York Yankees." John Gruber on #2. Only perfect. jc-09.26

Not for BB's eyes. Trailer for The Babadook. ms-09.26

BrainPickings takes a look at the lovely Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space. ms-09.26

Happy Friday. ms-09.26

My brain does not care about calories now, I must have this for lunch. ms-09.26

Amazing photos from behind-the-scenes of the filming of The Dark Knight trilogy . Still hurts to see Heath, what a talent. Via Hypebeast. ms-09.26

The folks at Huckberry give us their picks for the best crafted and canned Fall beers ms-09.26

"Besides, the kids can't read anymore, they're a bunch of morons. So whadya gonna do?" Comic Book Heaven ms-09.26

Two, quite honestly, depressing trailers for Men, Women & Children. ms-09.26

Ruhlman Egg Flowchart. jc-09.25

100 bucks to any CP guy who wears this to the office for a day. And allows pictures. On social media. And goes to Bari for subs in it. *Gauntlet Thrown* ms-09.25

Rachel Ryle's stop motion Instagram. dw-09.25

Glowing circular swings in Boston. dw-09.25

"So I want you to watch this movie and think only about staging, how the shots are built and laid out, what the rules of movement are, what the cutting patterns are. See if you can reproduce the thought process that resulted in these choices by asking yourself: why was each shot- whether short or long- held for that exact length of time and placed in that order? Sounds like fun, right? It actually is. To me. Oh, and I've removed all sound and color from the film, apart from a score designed to aid you in your quest to just study the visual staging aspect." ms-09.25

The Eruptions of Iceland's Bardabunga Volcano. ms-09.25

Sorry, Clay Risen Is Not Sorry. jc-09.25

"After being confined to the headquarters of an Amsterdam military command for a few months, van Meegeren offered a proposition to prove this innocence -- he'd forge one last Vermeer before a panel of reporters and court-appointed witnesses." jc-09.25

1930s humorous maps of National Parks and other tourist stops "hatched and scratched" by the Lindgren Brothers. Fabulous, via this post at Mefi. jc-09.25

Entangled, a riveting short sci-fi film by Tony Elliot, from Short Cuts Canada. Via Kottke. jc-09.25

Make a gamer pilgrimage to these 8 old school arcades. ms-09.24

The science behind tattooing, including tattooing in slow motion. mcj-09.24

VHS-inspired skateboard decks from 5BORO. Via Doobybrain. sd-09.24

Our current Guest Editor is Jeremy J. Quinn (jq), founder of the multidisciplinary practice JJQAD. A list of all of the great people who have lent us a hand over the years can be found here. sd-09.24

Stunning Astronomical Architecture from India, built in the 1700s. Didn't find many extensive photo collections online, so here are some of my shots from last winter. Also picked up this great info-graphic poster about it, seems to only be available in India so far though. jq-09.24

Due to a rash of suicides in the 1930s, Budapest launched a campaign to be "The City of Smiles." A wonderful, bizarre hoax, but attributed to whom exactly is the big mystery. sd-09.24

Welcome to Colon, Magic Capital of the World. Delightful. ms-09.24

Zulkey's ode to Edgewater here in Chicago. sd-09.24

Seriously, though, how many times do we have to watch Batman's parents die? dw-09.24

Bartosz Kosowski's Lolita poster for the Kubrick art show in San Francisco. Via WATC. dw-09.24

Page Two contains the previous 40 Fresh Signals, recent features, a key to the icons and the categorical archives.

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