What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Thursday Edition

Thousands tried, many failed.
Test your intelligence with our infamous fish puzzle.

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New at the MoOM

Department of Collections

There's something for everyone in our Museum of Online Museums. For example, the image above which is from a groovy collection of Japanese print ads. Like most cultural institutions, The MoOM needs the support of the community to survive. Well, not really, since we don't have a building or a staff or even those cheap little round colored badges that you hook on your collar when you attend... We do however have a new version of The MoOM Mug, which is available exclusively to benefactors.

What'll It Be?

Lamp Lit

"I like bars just after they open for the evening. When the air inside is still cool and clean and everything is shiny and the barkeep is giving himself that last look in the mirror to see if his tie is straight and his hair is smooth. I like the neat bottles on the bar back and the lovely shining glasses and the anticipation. I like to watch the man mix the first one of the evening and put it down on a crisp mat and put the little folded napkin beside it. I like to taste it slowly. The first quiet drink of the evening in a quiet bar--that's wonderful." —Raymond Chandler from The Long Goodbye. Found among our big collection of Friday Drink Links

Stuff About Stanley Kubrick

I am putting myself to
the fullest possible use which is all, I think, that any conscious entity can ever hope to do

As you probably have noticed over the last fifteen years, we're a bit of obsessed with the films of Stanley Kubrick. Check this sweet collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the set of 2001 and find tons more stuff in our big, messy archive of Kubrickian links.

Layer Tennis Season Recap

Gone in 60 Seconds

In December we concluded our post-season Season 4 Layer Tennis tournament with the Championship Match in which Kelli Anderson squeaked by James White to take the crown. Now our short, frenetic season recap video has been posted. Layer Tennis only happens thanks to our pals at Adobe Creative Cloud.

We're Going On an Adventure

Winter’s Tale

"One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen." —Rene Daumal. Why did we do it? Because it is there. Or was anyhow. Presenting Above the Sun, a true story.

Get It Together

We Didn’t Have Much Ambition When We Started Field Notes,
We Fixed That

Our 25th (!) seasonal limited-editon for Field Notes is The Ambition Edition and it is shipping now. There's lots of new stuff in this one and some really old features too. Each 3-Pack includes a Weekly Planner, a Ledger and a Memo Book.

JC at Creative Mornings

The Problem With Doing a Project in
Your Spare Time is That There isn’t Any

Here's Jim's presentation from the inaugural edition of Chicago Creative Mornings. Thanks to Tina, Mig, Gravity Tank and everyone who showed up.

Hold Life in Your Hands

The Write Stuff

We commissioned a short film by writer/director Matthew James Thompson to say thanks for all the support for Field Notes, from Coudal Partners and the Draplin Design Co..

Anti Time Lapse

The Stars and
Their Courses

In conjunction with the 2013 summer release of the Field Notes "Night Sky" Limited-Edtion memo books (sold out long ago) we made a short movie... and a really, really, really long one.

The idea was fairly simple, though complex in the making: for those of us in big metropolitan, light-polluted areas like Chicago who can't see the night sky very clearly, we wanted to travel to this section of rural Nevada and bring the stars back with us, capturing a full night sky and playing it back in real time. Check all six hours and 20 minutes of The Stars and Their Courses, and here's some background and technical information too.

Smooth Out That Bill

Change Below

Thanks to our pal (and former CP intern) Darren Marshall of Doejo. Darren was planning the opening of a sweet new co-working facility in Chicago called Space and he had an idea. An idea and a vending machine. Bam.

This Plus This Equals That

The Lionel, the Richie and the Wardrobe

This is the sort of thing that Twitter is especially good for, but a washroom full of chalkboard walls works too. A while ago we hosted a quick contest called Booking Bands in which we asked people to combine the name of a book with the name of a band. We received thousands of entries, posted a ton of them and then randomly selected three and sent those people the book and a CD from the band that they mashed together. The process of coming up with funny or unexpected associations in this contest became a central part of a presentation that JC gave at SXSW.

January Guest Todd Tue

Does a Blog Good

Todd Tue (tt) is a Chicago-based director and editor of documentaries, music videos, and promotional shorts, all under the umbrella of his company, Milk Products Media. Tue has collaborated on award-winning and festival-recognized films such as Charlie Louvin: Still Rattlin' the Devil's Cage and Seven Signs: Music, Myth & The American South. He has directed and produced several book trailers for Yale University Press and Riverhead Books, including promos for the most recent books by Greil Marcus and Sarah Vowell. He is a big fan of the Chicago International Music and Movie Fest and is looking forward to having some recent projects featured in the 2015 festival. When not gazing lovingly at his daughters, Tue can be found drinking coffee and getting excited about things. Updates, musings and whatnot at Tumblr, Twitter at @milkmedia, and for the month of January, right here as our Guest Editor.

A list of all the brilliant people who have helped us by guest editing Fresh Signals can be found here.

Other recent features are listed on Page Two.

Fresh Signals

Adam Savage painstakingly builds a model of the Overlook Hotel maze from The Shining. Via John Gruber. jc-today

~Emphasis~ jc-today

"Imitations have nothing to do with design. they have to do with money and success." Karrie Jacobs visited the new Paul Rand exhibition at the City Museum of New York. jc-today

Sex at noon taxes. The Palindrome Game of the Enigma Codebreakers, by Mark Saltveit. "Few are aware that in their spare time, these same codebreakers held a competition that created several of the finest English-language palindromes..." jc-today

Every year, in northeast China's Heilongjiang province, the city of Harbin hosts the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, featuring massive ice and snow sculptures. At night, the sculptures are colorfully illuminated and visitors can climb and play on some of the structures. ms-today

Love and War By Moonlight. ms-today

"We would have died of hunger without Durand-Ruel, all we impressionists." said Monet. "We owe him everything. He persisted, stubborn, risking bankruptcy 20 times in order to back us." The Man Who Made Monet: How Impressionism Was Saved From Obscurity . ms-today

Trailer for the documentary Dior and I . ms-today

A Bright Spot on Ceres. "This is truly unexpected and still a mystery to us." jc-yesterday

"I live relatively close to the theater and wouldn't be late." Tig Notaro makes a case for why she should host the Oscars. mcj-yesterday

"Senators pair their togas with top hats, generals wear muttonchops under their helmets, and priests styled as snake charmers draw gullible crowds with the help of coal-powered rotating billboards." The Comic History of Rome. dw-yesterday

A very nice feature at Hoefler & Co. showcasing examples of numerical typography, Take a Number. jc-yesterday

NSFW tapestries by Erin M. Riley. dw-yesterday

Sea level rise maps by Jeffrey Linn. Via Gizmodo. dw-yesterday

Hyper Real CG. Like it says on the label. jc-yesterday

The Watcher and other beautiful, surreal work by Shanghai-based artist Jie Ma. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-yesterday

Zeppelin!. ms-yesterday

As soon as we figure out how to hydro-dip pocket notebooks, you'll be the first to know. bb-02.24

Movie first. Scene Second. Moment Third. Vashi on the craft of Sam O'Steen, who edited Chinatown, The Graduate and many other iconic films. jc-02.24

Saul Steinberg drawing. Fab. jc-02.24

A collection of serigraph prints illustrating history's most iconic automobiles. dw-02.24

The Metaflop Font Modulator is "a high-level, mathematically oriented language for producing fonts." It is also, really fun to play around with. Via Quipsologies. jc-02.24

"If a tornado sliced through the Midwest, picking up a cheese shop in Wisconsin, a White Castle restaurant in Kansas, and Chicago's Marina City, shrunk them to 1/500th their sizes and deposited them within a single square mile, that is roughly what you would see in a room on the second floor of River North's Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts." Midwest Culture Sampler. dw-02.24

This is what an indie label office looked like in 1991. dw-02.24

"By replacing the globe as a representation of the world, the tongues suggest a world based on our languages." Geographic Tongues by Elisabeth Hogeman. dw-02.24

Fascinating long read of the day, All the Jittery Horses: Racing the Mongol Derby. ms-02.24

Happy Tuesday. ms-02.24

"A fictitious country needs all kinds of graphics: flags, banknotes, passports, street signs," she told Quartz. "It's impossible to imagine graphics like these. You have to do your research and you'll find treasures that you couldn't even have begun to sit down and draw until you saw them in front of your eyes." ms-02.24

"That was when I called both coaches together and told them we are not going to make a travesty or mockery of the game. We are not going to start trying to shoot and score for the other team." jc-02.24

Andrew Bird: Echolocations. dw-02.23

Just Checking In. For no particular reason Virginia Heffernan and Paul Fiord started sending emails to see who can make the other person experience the most profound sense of dread and panic. jc-02.23

"For three weeks, I wrote down any thought, image or memory that gave me a tingly feeling. I animated the list, and what it accidentally became was a stream-of-consciousness trek through my life." Feelings by Nate Milton. dw-02.23

Three Staples reviews Field Notes "America the Beautiful" Edition.Thanks for that Jinnie. jc-02.23

64 by 64. jc-02.23

The Milky Way Over the Arizona Toadstools. ms-02.23

"On a recent bleak, winter afternoon in the Flatiron District Paul Schweitzer was once again hard at work, trying to breathe life into a black, jazz-age Underwood typewriter. Behind his spectacles was a furrowed brow and behind that was a tangle of keys, steel, carrying cases and filing cabinets of rollers, spools, levers and keys, a morgue of mechanical guts." Via MeFi. ms-02.23

Trailer for Welcome to Me. ms-02.23

As far as I'm concerned, Michael had the best Oscar tweet of the night. The rest of y'all can just go home. ms-02.23


"His eyes were a little bloodshot and he giggled as he suggested terrible places for me to search. I could hear Kyle calling me stupid, and that I had 'one job.'" Confessions of an iPhone 6, fun piece by Jessie Char. Oh, and thanks for the FN shout-out in November! jc-02.20

Page Two contains the previous 40 Fresh Signals, recent features, a key to the icons and the categorical archives.

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