What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Friday Edition

This is our studio site. Among other things, we run two businesses:
Field Notes Brand and The Deck Network. Visit them please.

Coudal Partners

Because it's There

Winter’s Tale

"One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen." —Rene Daumal. Why did we do it? Because it is there. Or was anyhow. Presenting Above the Sun, a true story.

One From Way Way Back

How Do You Spell Courage?

"How do you spell courage?" For the proper effect, check the trailer first and then please take a few minutes (eleven actually) to watch our short feature film about words, pictures and bravery, Copy Goes Here.

A Street in Logan Square

All Hallows’

It's often lost in the candy-coated, super-styled proceedings of the holiday, but Halloween is really all about departed souls and dealing with loss.

A Cautionary Tale

Heed This Well, Young Costumed Beggars

A warning to trick-or-treaters, in the style of Hilaire Belloc.

From The CP Labs

Shift Option Rinse

Can you really clean your computer keyboard in the dishwasher? With the help of the RinseCam 9000, Michele created a short film to find out, Shift Option Rinse.

a short film that seems longer

Long Day’s Journey Out of Iowa

Our Steve Delahoyde is a man with an iron will. An iron will, a subcompact, a girlfriend and an idea on how to make a regular drive more, er, interesting. Note: All the driving worked. Claire and Steve are now Mr. and Mrs..

Making of Field Notes Ravens Wing

Press Check

A quick trip back to Freeport, Illinois and one of our most popular films. Think of it as "How It's Made" with much cooler music, awesome people and hot, nasty, metal-on-paper printing action. The making of Field Notes, Wings. We're working on the brand-spanking new Fall Edition right now. Sign up for a COLORS subscription so you don't miss a single seasonal release.

A CP Film In Five Parts

Laboratory Conditions

RIP Ed Grothus who we met while we were in Los Alamos, New Mexico. We were looking for locations for one film project and on the way we discovered a lot more about the town and its people than we bargained for. So we made a different film and called it Laboratory Conditions. We're showing it in five episodes.

From Field Notes Brand


This film documents our latest project from the workshop. More on our newest limited release, "The Northerly Edition" at Field Notes. 3packs of this bright white and silver release are now sold out but there are still a few available as part of a COLORS subscription.

Props Face Time

Classic Display Faces That Deserve Love

Herb Lubalin and Tony DiSpigna's 1974 release for ITC, Serif Gothic doesn't get the kind of attention that sparked a recent (and overdone) Avant Garde revival but it speaks for itself when set tight, in all-caps for a short declarative headline, especially one that needs a sort of non whiz-bangy science-fiction feel. Suggested pairing: Univers 65 Bold.

Oh This Old Thing?

Button Button

So you know. We've seen a little pick-up in Pinsetter orders lately so we thought we'd let you know that Pinsetter is still, um, setting pins.

Not Quite so
Fresh Signals

So you know, How to Be a Kiwi Dad. Via LikeCool. ms-07.18

"As detail-obsessed designers and fierce protectors of the Field Notes brand, voice and identity, we figured we would be a royal pain for the One Design crew. Turns out they totally got the whole Field Notes thing right away. I'm happy to say that we were only a regular-sized pain for them." One Design's case study on building the Field Notes site with us. It's been an excellent partnership and a lot of fun. I'd recommend the One team to anyone. jc-07.16

Some Kind Of Quest, a short film on Northlandz, a 52,000-square-foot model train installation. Yowza. Via Kottke jc-07.15

A look at the new logo for MasterCard ms-07.15

New trailer for A Monster Calls. ms-07.15

Octopus tentacle whiskey glasses for MCJ. dw-07.15

This week's Duly Noted for Field Notes definitely does not have small hands. jc-07.15

"My first simplification was to stop looking for the perfect notebook. It turns out that the perfect notebook was sitting in front of me all along." Thanks for that Doug. jc-07.15

The trailer for Neil Breen's latest masterpiece: Pass Thru. With a special screening next week at the Music Box. sd-07.14

A great, well written set of filmmaking lectures/tutorials from David Monahan: "Looking at Movies." sd-07.14

Modulok by Fernando Rivas. dw-07.14

Interesting story from KCET about how the small California island somehow avoided mass plunder over the centuries: "How Catalina Evaded the Conquest." sd-07.14

"Look at me, how important I must be, with all the... busy." A Precious Hour, by Michael Lopp. Amen. jc-07.12

Palettable. dw-07.12

Dan's Book Covers of Note for July. Dig the Street Furniture Design, by Gray. jc-07.12

So you know, how to design a great city. jc-07.12

Our favorite Chicago-history photo site, Calumet 412, celebrates their 7000th entry. "This post is dedicated to the patron saints of Calumet 412, the Everleigh Sisters of the Everleigh Club in Chicago's Levee Red-Light District. As a reminder, CAlumet-412 was the phone number at the infamous, yet elegant and upscale brothel, located at 2131-2133 S Dearborn." jc-07.12

The Penguin Random House Design Award Winners for 2016. The three first-place students designs are excellent, especially Zack Crook's take on Clockwork. jc-07.11

Let's Not Play Frisbee with that Poet Anymore, by Stephen Collins. jc-07.11

Related to the last, you need this too. Flyover Country. "A geological tour from 30,000 feet." jc-07.11

You probably didn't know you needed this, but you do. Space Dashboard. jc-07.11

Happy Monday. ms-07.11

Christopher Payne's photographs of the Steinway Piano Factory. jc-07.08

Eastern Bloc, a series of illustrations by Marcin Wolski. Love the technique and mood of these. See these as well. Via Isn't. jc-07.08

1980's Porsche 911 Targa Interior. jc-07.08

I Stand Alone. Super-cut of isolation shots from cinema, by One Perfect Frame. Fabulous. jc-07.08

What if Rey found the wrong guy? ms-07.07

Moving Day Approaches. jc-07.07

Stanley Kubrick and Me: Designing the Poster for A Clockwork Orange. Jonathan Jones of artist Philip Castle, who also painted the helmet on the FMJ poster. Thanks Marshall. jc-07.07

Zsolt Benke is going back to paper. Thanks for that. jc-07.07

Any day with new Pixies is a good day. bb-07.06

Tour Deckard's apartment from Blade Runner. (And please buy me a pair of Deckard's whiskey tumblers!) bb-07.06

Iceland's football team is welcomed home by their fans with an epic Viking war chant. ms-07.06

Michael Jacobs goes deep on our Byline Edition for The Analog. Thanks for that. jc-07.06

"Examples of some posters here show how heavy-handed and ineffectual even Duce's once-convincing poster campaign had been." Fall of the Roman Empire, by Steven Heller. jc-07.06

Stephen Colbert adorably tells the adorable story of how he met his wife. All the feels. ms-07.05

Trailer for The Corridor by Day Dreaming with Stanley Kubrick. Just watch. jc-07.05

"After an almost five-year journey to the solar system's largest planet, NASA's Juno spacecraft successfully entered Jupiter's orbit during a 35-minute engine burn." jc-07.05

Interiors by Aim Architecture for the Soho Bund Hotel in Shanghai. jc-07.05

"This young man is a bit unlucky. But, he waits decently." Traffic lights in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Implement everywhere immediately. jc-07.04

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