What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Saturday Edition

This is our studio site. Among other things, we run two businesses:
Field Notes Brand and The Deck Network. Visit them please.

Coudal Partners

Because it's There

Winter’s Tale

"One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen." —Rene Daumal. Why did we do it? Because it is there. Or was anyhow. Presenting Above the Sun, a true story.

Einstein's Puzzle

Who Owns the Fish?

Since 2004, we have been doing our part to encourage acrimony and hard feelings at family gatherings. Face it, you'll probably fight about something at your holiday get-together, it might as well be something important, like whether or not you're in the two percent of the world's population that Albert Einstein purportedly claimed could solve this puzzle. So... Who Owns The Fish?

For No Reason

Concept Album
Album Concept

We started demolition on our new space recently. One of the first things that had to go was a huge infinity wall (a white background used for photography) that was left by a previous tenant. So right before we said "Tear Down This Wall," Bryan and Jim spent a few minutes shooting in front of it. And Bryan, being Bryan, couldn't leave it at that, and turned one of the shots into this album cover from our Prog Rock period.

A Street in Logan Square

All Hallows’

It's often lost in the candy-coated, super-styled proceedings of the holiday, but Halloween is really all about departed souls and dealing with loss.

One From Way Way Back

How Do You Spell Courage?

"How do you spell courage?" For the proper effect, check the trailer first and then please take a few minutes (eleven actually) to watch our short feature film about words, pictures and bravery, Copy Goes Here.

From The CP Labs

Shift Option Rinse

Can you really clean your computer keyboard in the dishwasher? With the help of the RinseCam 9000, Michele created a short film to find out, Shift Option Rinse.

a short film that seems longer

Long Day’s Journey Out of Iowa

Our Steve Delahoyde is a man with an iron will. An iron will, a subcompact, a girlfriend and an idea on how to make a regular drive more, er, interesting. Note: All the driving worked. Claire and Steve are now Mr. and Mrs..

Making of Field Notes Ravens Wing

Press Check

A quick trip back to Freeport, Illinois and one of our most popular films. Think of it as "How It's Made" with much cooler music, awesome people and hot, nasty, metal-on-paper printing action. The making of Field Notes, Wings. We're working on the brand-spanking new Fall Edition right now. Sign up for a COLORS subscription so you don't miss a single seasonal release.

A CP Film In Five Parts

Laboratory Conditions

RIP Ed Grothus who we met while we were in Los Alamos, New Mexico. We were looking for locations for one film project and on the way we discovered a lot more about the town and its people than we bargained for. So we made a different film and called it Laboratory Conditions. We're showing it in five episodes.

From Field Notes Brand


This film documents our latest project from the workshop. More on our newest limited release, "The Northerly Edition" at Field Notes. 3packs of this bright white and silver release are now sold out but there are still a few available as part of a COLORS subscription.

Props Face Time

Classic Display Faces That Deserve Love

Herb Lubalin and Tony DiSpigna's 1974 release for ITC, Serif Gothic doesn't get the kind of attention that sparked a recent (and overdone) Avant Garde revival but it speaks for itself when set tight, in all-caps for a short declarative headline, especially one that needs a sort of non whiz-bangy science-fiction feel. Suggested pairing: Univers 65 Bold.

Not Quite so
Fresh Signals

"Kid, I represent every heavyweight in the business, and I'm gonna give you my entire client list. I'm gonna buy the back page of the trades for one year and anything that any of 'em are doing, you'll be sent over the information and you do anything you want. You don't have to come to me for approval." Art of the Title chats with Sandy Dvore. You don't know him but you, for sure, know his work. Mandatory reading, a really great interview, full of stories. jc-01.13

Time Out London Covers Art Directed by Mark Neil, especially "The Science of London." jc-01.13

"Did you ever notice that 'End of story' is very rarely the end of the story?" Belated Awareness, Earl Pomerantz on writing and revising. jc-01.13

"Since 1922 my book has been a greater reality for me than reality. Everything gives way to it." On this day in 1941 James Joyce died in Zurich at the age of fifty-eight. jc-01.13

Local note, Winterlude Pop-Up Dinner from Big Delicious Planet. You really ought to do this... jc-01.13

"Unlike the meditative atmosphere in the former bottles - a more vivid and intense ambience is created inside these bottles. Also the plot - if there is one - concentrates more on the things hidden beneath us. The creatures underground." Rafael Varona's Impossible Bottles 2. dw-01.12

2017 Tournament of Books short list and judges have been announced. Woot! jc-01.12

Happy Birthday Hal 9000 "who became operational January 12, 1992, at the HAL labs in Urbana, Illinois." Via Nick Sherman. jc-01.12

MailChimp 2016 Annual Report. So fun. jc-01.12

"Hey Dana…" This video makes our annual IKEA expedition almost tolerable. bb-01.12

Love the animation for NATS future air traffic patterns for London which is designed to "simulate traffic over south-east UK after forthcoming changes to airspace management ." Thanks Marshall. jc-01.11

Fantastic post from Modernism in Metro-Land. Bolshy Flatblock: The Buildings of A Clockwork Orange. jc-01.11

Heartbreaking read of the day, "The Concussion Diaries: One High School Football Player's Secret Struggle with CTE" ms-01.11

Your daily rabbit hole: the late, great Hollywood stuntman, writer, and director Hal Needham. To start you off, here's Hal on NPR's Fresh Air in 2011, then check out his six greatest stunts. Dude even had his own action figure and playsets. bb-01.10

A playful analog interface for music by our pal and occasional co-conspirator Brendan Dawes, Plastic Player. I think remember chatting w/ Bren about this years ago. Fun. jc-01.10

"A piece of fabric described as the Holy Grail of fashion history will become one of the star attractions at Hampton Court Palace after it was identified as the only surviving piece of clothing worn by Elizabeth I." ms-01.10

Animated Engines & 507 Mechanical Movements. dw-01.10

"The daily process goes like this: the sound that is occurring in a single ordinary living room space, during a single minute, is recorded. But, simultaneously, the previous day's recording — of the sound of the same space 24 hours before — is played back into the space. So, each recording includes its predecessor, which includes its predecessor in turn, and so on, in a potentially infinite regression." The Minute/Year Project by Kata Kovács/O'Doherty. jc-01.10

Two autonomous bots contemplating existence @seeBotsChat. dw-01.09

Marco on ten years of iPhone. Amen. jc-01.09

Paul Gets a Passport, a beautifully illustrated and interesting post from Codex 99, as usual. jc-01.09

Gorgeous, from photographer Ken Hermann and art director Gem Fletcher, Wrestlers of Inner Mongolia. ms-01.06

Adrian's picks for the best film posters of 2016. As you'd expect, a great list. jc-01.06

An aerial tour of the new Apple campus. ms-01.06

From The Guardian, the top 10 unreliable narrators. ms-01.06

While I was home for New Year's, I photographed my dad's liquor collection for posterity. 144 bottles dating back to the 60s, from all over the world. bb-01.06

"Each of our patterns are artistic interpretations of symbols that Vietnamese associate with new beginnings." Coca-Cola's Tet 2017. dw-01.05

"Kodak will produce Ekatachrome at its film factory in Rochester, N.Y., and will market and distribute the Super 8 motion picture film version of Ekatachrome film directly." Comeback story. jc-01.05

An interactive visualization of every line in Hamilton. ms-01.05

Fabulous, Tiny Hut in the Sky. ms-01.05

Wired gives us their picks for their fave gadgets at this year's CES Show. ms-01.05

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine title stills. Fab. jc-01.05

SK talks about The Shining in a 1980 interview conducted by Michel Ciment. Includes a really interesting section on the primacy of narrative in film and novels. Thanks Jeff. jc-01.05

Everything Steven Soderbergh saw and read in 2016. jc-01.04

Gorgeous Sonoma County farmhouse. ms-01.04

Wait for it. ms-01.04

"You knew this about me, and you knew this about the cows. I made this very clear when we had the argument in front of the ducks. We were at the pond, you made quite the scene, and I had to explain it to you right there - those are my ducks. In the absence of my cows, at this point, they are priority number one in my life. To think I would put you before my ducks is a near wanton absurdity." ms-01.04

Pocket-sized duct tape. dw-01.04

Part 4 of Brand New's run down of the best and worst identities of 2016. jc-01.04

"Realize it's Saturday and you were planning to be OOO tomorrow to admire your creation and everything, but I'm hoping you can keep rolling on this through the weekend." Client Feedback on the Creation of the Earth, by Mike Lacher. jc-01.04

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