What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Saturday Edition

Get lost in our MoOM, The Museum of Online Museums.

Coudal Partners

Who Owns The Fish?

Since 2004, we have been doing our part to encourage acrimony and hard feelings at family gatherings. Face it, you'll probably fight about something at your holiday get-together, it might as well be something important, like whether or not you're in the two percent of the world's population that Albert Einstein purportedly claimed could solve this puzzle. So... Who Owns The Fish?

An occasional series Face Time

Classic Display Faces That Deserve Props

Chauncey H. Griffith's Bodoni Poster Black was developed for Mergenthaler in 1929 and features strong verticals and shallow descenders. It's regularly employed for era-specific "Appearing Nightly at the Copacabana" lobby-card-ish announcements and by and large it's serviceable, if not particularly interesting. But, just in case you find yourself in need of a two skinny chicks whispering near the coke mirror, late 70's, Los Angeles sort of vibe, set it tight in all-caps with almost no line spacing. Suggested pairing: Univers Light Extra Condensed.

A Street in Logan Square

All Hallows’

It's often lost in the candy-coated, super-styled proceedings of the holiday, but Halloween is really all about departed souls and dealing with loss.

A Cautionary Tale

Heed This Well, Young Costumed Beggars

To Sweet Hereafter, a warning to trick-or-treaters in the style of Hilaire Belloc.

One From Way Way Back

How Do You Spell Courage?

"How do you spell courage?" For the proper effect, check the trailer first and then please take a few minutes (eleven actually) to watch our short feature film about words, pictures and bravery, Copy Goes Here.

From The CP Labs

Shift Option Rinse

Can you really clean your computer keyboard in the dishwasher? With the help of the RinseCam 9000, Michele created a short film to find out, Shift Option Rinse.

a short film that seems longer

Long Day’s Journey Out of Iowa

Our Steve Delahoyde is a man with an iron will. An iron will, a subcompact, a girlfriend and an idea on how to make a regular drive more, er, interesting. Note: All the driving worked. Claire and Steve are now Mr. and Mrs..

Making of Field Notes Ravens Wing

Press Check

A quick trip back to Freeport, Illinois and one of our most popular films. Think of it as "How It's Made" with much cooler music, awesome people and hot, nasty, metal-on-paper printing action. The making of Field Notes, Wings. We're working on the brand-spanking new Fall Edition right now. Sign up for a COLORS subscription so you don't miss a single seasonal release.

A CP Film In Five Parts

Laboratory Conditions

RIP Ed Grothus who we met while we were in Los Alamos, New Mexico. We were looking for locations for one film project and on the way we discovered a lot more about the town and its people than we bargained for. So we made a different film and called it Laboratory Conditions. We're showing it in five episodes.

From Field Notes Brand


This film documents our latest project from the workshop. More on our newest limited release, "The Northerly Edition" at Field Notes. 3packs of this bright white and silver release are now sold out but there are still a few available as part of a COLORS subscription.

Props Face Time

Classic Display Faces That Deserve Love

Herb Lubalin and Tony DiSpigna's 1974 release for ITC, Serif Gothic doesn't get the kind of attention that sparked a recent (and overdone) Avant Garde revival but it speaks for itself when set tight, in all-caps for a short declarative headline, especially one that needs a sort of non whiz-bangy science-fiction feel. Suggested pairing: Univers 65 Bold.

Not Quite so
Fresh Signals

Chromjuwelen. "Life is too short for ugly cars." Amen. jc-10.06

Sad Topographies, via This Isn't Happiness. jc-10.06

Roland Boutique, pint-sized versions of classic synths. Cool. jc-10.05

From 1972, a video presentation by Alan Kay, Computer Applications: A Dynamic Medium for Creative Thought. jc-10.05

Our very own BB shares his music knowledge on Steve Gadlin's Star Makers. dw-10.05

Much better than the real Star Wars: Laser Moon Awakens bb-10.05

See you in a few hours, I'll be over at the Project Apollo Archive. ms-10.05

There Are Rules in My Bar — Yes, Even You, Who Called Yourself the Angel of Death, by Rosie Schaap, who is the bomb. jc-10.03

Do you know what tonight is? It's Friday Night! mcj-10.02

"It's raining old women with clubs" and 14 other idioms that describe heavy rain in different languages. dw-10.02

So you know, how the simplest ideas lead to scientific discoveries, Adam Savage style. jc-10.02

Final Spectre trailer. Fab. jc-10.02

1800 Tequila's artist series bottles featuring the artwork of Keith Haring. dw-10.02

The man who makes me swoon visits the Balvenie Distillery in Scotland. ms-10.02

I missed the Slivovitz Festival this year but my aunt went, and she assures me a good time was had by all. bb-10.02

Pelican Shakespeare Series covers by Manuja Waldia. Wow. Othello! jc-10.02

"Don't bring your Adidas tracksuit. You will only use it for three nights and then leave it in a bear-box because backpacking is not about being stylish, it is about getting to wherever the mules took your wine as quickly as possible." How to stay drunk on a dangerous camping trip. dw-10.02

"Chicago is the city America built when it turned away from Europe and asked itself what it really wanted to be." Thomas Dyja on the razing of The Mecca and the building of S.R. Crown Hall, by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. jc-10.02

"Jack is drunk. And something he ate or drank stained his mouth blue. So when he attempts to make a point about justice, it's hard to take him seriously." Game Day in Madison, from The Cap Times. jc-10.01

Nice patterns and illustrations by Kiki Petiford. dw-10.01

Keyboard Smörgåsbord. Eli Schiff goes deep on the Shift Key on iPhones. Smart. jc-10.01

"At first, I suspected the Valencia filter, with its yellow gleam, might perfectly complement Oliver's adorable ruddiness. But then I thought, You know what? No filter. And this, in fact, became the crown jewel on the top of my caption." The Tell-Tale 'Gram, by Brent Katz and Sarah Beller. jc-10.01

Peeple is the "Yelp for people" app your mother warned you about. dw-10.01

Trade Marks & Symbols: Volume 1 Alphabetical Designs, by Yasaburo Kuwayama. Fantastic resource. Via Neil A. Stevens. jc-10.01

Chicago Tribune vintage photos from the subterranean vault. @vintagetribune. dw-09.30

A case study on Edward Hopper's Nighthawks. dw-09.30

Evolution of a Software Engineer. Yup. Via Kottke. jc-09.30

Color Hunt. dw-09.30

"Yay, now you have your cute little machine-printed souvenir — and the installation has your picture, fingerprint, and demographic data, which it reminds you by emailing all the data given up by another visitor to the installation." Sensible Data. dw-09.30

"It was supposed to be a quiet meeting of regional clubs at a local Waco breastaurant. Instead, nine men were killed, 20 were wounded, and 177 wound up in jail. Was it a turf war gone mad? Or a botched police response? Nathaniel Penn reports on how the bloodiest day in biker history went down." ms-09.30

Local Color, cool chart on the historical origins of particular shades. jc-09.30

"Seeing Prague once, is forever enchanted." The Face of Prague : l'image de Prague. Photos by M. Kucera from the 50s. A beautiful book on a beautiful city. Via John Coulthart. jc-09.30

"...the clearest horseshit detector is to read it out loud. You can always tell when you're putting on airs or lying when you hear yourself say it." George Plimpton's interview with Garrison Keillor from The Paris Review, 1995. Via Tufte. jc-09.30

Eclipse of Rainbow, a lamp design by Eugenia Antoniou. Brilliant. jc-09.30

On today's date in 1906, James Joyce wrote to his brother Stanislaus and in a PPS, he added "that he had a new story for Dubliners in his head, one that dealt with Mr Hunter." jc-09.30

Map of Amercian Businesses with Punny Names. jc-09.30

Moto Borgotaro sure likes the 1979 Moto Guzzi Le Mans. bb-09.29

Hey BB and MJ, here is that Dolph Lundgren shark attack movie trailer you've been waiting for. ms-09.29

Local note, Spike may have disappointed but Alice is stinking up the joint. ms-09.29

Not every memorial in Washington, DC is a colossal, tourist-swarmed, marble and stone monument. Some, like Sonny Bono Memorial Park, are quiet, intimate, and easy to miss if you don't know where to look. dw-09.29

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